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Our constant updating and collaborations with large foreign houses, especially with well-known Italian companies, enable us to present you office furniture, office seats, accessories and general professional equipment furniture that are distinguished for their ergonomics, functionality and innovativeness. design.

SYSTEMA OFFICE has an ISO9001: 2008 certificate for its quality management system. The office furniture as well as the SYSTEMA office seats are distinguished for their ergonomics, safety, the high quality of construction materials, adapted to European regulations and manufactured with processes that are absolutely friendly to the environment.  All products are certified by the manufacturing companies with  the ISO14001 which concerns the protection of the environment.

With these features we create a pleasant working environment, with positive energy and aesthetics


Providing high quality products always remains the primary philosophy of SYSTEMA Office as it follows and implements the highest compliance and quality certificates (office furniture, auditorium, chairs).


The  SYSTEMA Office is engaged in the trade of furniture and is constantly trying to improve the level of its activities, in such a way as to contribute to sustainable development.


SYSTEMA Office policy is to comply with the relevant legislative requirements,  to provide its customers with services that fully meet their requirements and always have the desired quality.


SYSTEMA OFFICE was founded in 1994 in Thessaloniki and specializes in office equipment, such as office furniture, office chairs, conference room seating, theater seating, board benches, and multi-purpose seating. Its headquarters are at K. Karamanli 142 in Thessaloniki.


It works with well-known Italian companies and has many specialized solutions for professional spaces. The purpose of our company is to offer ergonomic ideas and services for the purpose of equipping your business space.

Our name is synonymous with innovation, functionality and the constant search for office furniture that stands out for its distinctive and highly aesthetic design.

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