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It is the policy of the furniture trading company of SYSTEMA Ltd. and each of its executives to comply with the relevant legislative requirements,  to provide its customers with services that fully meet their requirements and always have the desired quality, as befits the company's position and good name in the market.


Company goals  is:


  • To make every possible effort so that the services provided by the company   services to satisfy the demands of its customers within the framework of its capabilities and the smooth operation of the company.

  • To review and continuously improve its offered services  in order to meet the demands of its customers to the maximum extent possible.

  • To faithfully apply the S.D.P. and to make every effort to continuously improve the efficiency of the S.D.P.

  • To develop a work environment that is friendly to the employee, while also giving him freedom of expression and active participation in the System and providing the necessary resources for the smooth, efficient and effective operation of the company.


To achieve these goals, the company has implemented a Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of the International Standard ISO 9001:2008, which is applied to all departments. The start date of the System implementation is January 02, 2016

The Management is committed to providing all the required material means and human resources for the achievement of the company's goals, for the training of the staff, the improvement and continuous flow of know-how and the continuous coverage of necessary needs that arise.



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