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EM 59

EM 59 is a chair suitable for prolonged use, thanks to its technical characteristics that offer excellent stability and practicality to the sitter. All versions have a stylish lumbar support built into its back that allows for ergonomic posture. The EM 59 is available with a high or low back and comes in full compliance with different aesthetic and design requirements. The back of the seat, available in a high and low version, and consists of an integrated system of height adjustment and lumbar support.

The selection steps


Search and order the seat, for yourself and your workplace


Seat delivery

Our professional space is the place where we spend the most productive hours of the day. Equip it so that it looks special and exudes prestige with SYSTEMA OFFICE work chairs.
Our seats are available in the color and fabric of your choice upon order
Find the ideal desk for your chair
All our seats are certified and tested by internationally recognized laboratories
Add accessories to your office, through our wide range


SYSTEMA has carried out countless projects over the past 29 years of its presence in the business equipment sector, leaving its customers more than happy with its impeccable cooperation in finding the right product and delivering it.
Thus and with the above in mind, we are at your disposal for any question or issue that may arise, so that you remain happy with our services even after our cooperation!
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