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AGORÀ DESK auditorium seating

TheAGORÀ DESK auditorium seating they are distinguished by the way they adapt to points with different polymorphisms. Configured in flat rooms, with flat floors, with sloping floors, with polygonal broken rows or with curved rows of classicamphitheater.

THEstudy bench he's gotsolid aluminum structure, available atblack thecheckmate andglossy grey, and offers, in addition to a standard cover, the possibility of using a fixed or folding top (depth 35 cm).  Theseat has a basisaluminum, with a range of finishes similar to that of the study bench, and features folding seat withspring mechanism which guarantees its required return.

Theseat and theback they are made byveneering beech and can be covered withprotective paint or with liningCFC foam in combination withfabric failure which is chosen from the very wide range offered by our company.

it is about asolid traditional seating selection, which is oriented towardsequipment of university auditoriums,conference rooms andeducation.

The selection steps


Search and order the right amphitheater seating for the space you want to equip 


We come and measure your space, adapting the plans to your needs


Delivery and installation of seats  

The modelsamphitheater seats that you can see on our website, are a small part of our capabilities in the field of design.By contacting us, we can confidently tell you that we canadjust his planseat according toyour own specifications.


SYSTEMA has completed countless projects over the last 20 years of its presence in the amphitheater sector, leaving its customers more than happy with its impeccable cooperation in finding the right product and delivering it.
Thus and with the above in mind, we are at your disposal for any question or issue that may arise, so that you remain happy with our services even after our cooperation!



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