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Tay Managerial Office

The Tay executive office is a series of exquisite aesthetics, where the luxury of worktops and finishes create a perfect balance between functionality and design.

The TAY executive desk series enriches the finishing options with the new "porcelain stoneware" surfaces, in the "extra-white" and black "marquinia" versions.

Minimalist in design, the desk impresses from the very first glance.

It is available with the extension of auxiliary furniture made of raw materials and fully equipped with storage spaces that will loosen your hands.

The base of the desk is formed by a finished aluminum leg, which makes the desk stable and distinctive.


It is a timeless and elegant choice that aims to highlight not only your office, but also your workplace as a whole.

The selection steps


Search and order a desk for the space you want to equip 


Space measurement tailored to your needs


Delivery and installation of offices

Our professional space is the place where we spend the most productive hours of the day. Equip it so that it looks special and exudes prestige with SYSTEMA OFFICE executive offices.
Our desks are available in the dimensions and color you want upon order
Combine your desk with storage furniture
Chest of drawers.jpg
The transportation and assembly of the desks is done by our highly trained staff
Add accessories to your desk, through our wide range


SYSTEMA has carried out countless projects over the past 29 years of its presence in the business equipment sector, leaving its customers more than happy with its impeccable cooperation in finding the right product and delivering it.
Thus and with the above in mind, we are at your disposal for any question or issue that may arise, so that you remain happy with our services even after our cooperation!

VISTA executive seat


Executive seat GH1


Executive seat NL

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